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With guests from all walks of life, we celebrate the joys, commiserate over the challenges, and embrace the general insanity of being a dad in this moment.

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The concept of masculinity is straight-up intimidating to even begin to comprehend. There’s no real cut-and-dry definition. Like so many big concepts, it’s far easier to throw your hands up and say, “it’s too complicated!” rather than commit to understanding the topic more deeply. Luckily for us, comedian Michael Ian Black has spent countless hours exploring masculinity. In his book A Better Man, he approaches what it means to be masculine through an open letter to his teenage son. His musings pave a clear path for any father, son, mother, daughter (or, incidentally, saber-tooth tiger) to approach the subject with an open mind and heart. This is part two of a two part interview.

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Modern Dadhood is an ongoing conversation about the joys, challenges, and general insanity of being a dad in this moment.   LEARN MORE  »

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Retro handheld GameBoy system

Love it! I was literally laughing out loud.

Vintage record player console

Easygoing conversations and stories I can relate to and learn from.

Retro VHS tape player

It is good. Great insights. Fun and accessible.

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Meet Hosts Adam Flaherty and Marc Checket and learn the inspiration behind Modern Dadhood.
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