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With guests from all walks of life, we celebrate the joys, commiserate over the challenges, and embrace the general insanity of being a dad in this moment.


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Crying Over Spilt Milk

Social-emotional learning, mindfulness, soft skills, emotional intelligence— call it what you want. Learning how to understand and deal with emotions plays a significant role in our ability to handle all varieties of problems we face throughout our lives. In this episode, we get into the nitty-gritty with Scotty Iseri, father of a 7-year-old son and fellow podcaster, on the true value of social-emotional learning (SEL) in school and at home. Also, we test out a new drinking game, and encounter a commode-themed mystery in the Flaherty household.

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Modern Dadhood is an ongoing conversation about the joys, challenges, and general insanity of being a dad in this moment. 

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Retro handheld GameBoy system

Love it! I was literally laughing out loud.

Vintage record player console

Easygoing conversations and stories I can relate to and learn from.

Retro VHS tape player

It is good. Great insights. Fun and accessible.

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