What does it mean to mean to be a modern dad?

We're not exactly sure, but we'd like to find out. Join us as we interview dads of all shapes, sizes, ages, and professions to explore parenthood from a father's point of view. Join the conversation as we celebrate the wins, commiserate over the failures, and occasionally swap a painfully bad dad joke or two.

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What you can expect

Modern Dadhood isn't your average two dad ramblecast. Each episode has a theme, and features an in-depth conversation with a guest who has a connection to that theme.

Past guests include actor Terry O'Quinn (LOST), musician Tyler Ramsey (Band of Horses), activist Ted Bunch (A CALL TO MEN), and actor Emilio Delgado. Not every episode features someone as noteworthy as Luis from Sesame Street-- but you can expect a healthy dose of laughter, sincerity, and 80s and 90s nostalgia in each half hour episode.

Recurring segments include:

Did I just Say That Out Loud?
Talkin' With Toddlers
So That's a Thing Now


Your feedback, theme ideas, and guest ideas are always welcome. Send us an e-mail.

Meet The hosts

Adam Flaherty

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Adam is a dad of two daughters, a husband of one wife, a creator of video content, and a lover of the ocean, a good adventure, and a hazy craft IPA.

Marc Checket

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Marc is a dad of twin boy toddlers with an affinity for 80's movies and an insatiable lust for coffee. Marc's favorite color: cyan. 

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